How does it work?

There is no need to “believe” in energetic therapy in order to get results.

In and around our body is an energy field. As a result of our life’s experiences this energy field can get ‘polluted’. This might lead to distortions and blockages. If nothing is done these blockages might lead to problems or illnesses, both physical and psychological. Healing boosts your health and well-being by treating your energetic field. Moreover, energetic therapy activates or stimulates your self-healing ability. During the session you do not have to do anything. Healing can never have a negative result.

What effect does it have?

Immediately after a healing session the noticeable effect is a feeling of relaxation, space, freedom and inner peace. Often you also feel stronger and more balanced. Physical pain can be relieved immediately or it can even disappear completely. Your self-healing ability is activated and stimulated.

After several sessions psychological, emotional or physical problems can be reduced, are more bearable or have disappeared.

How often?

Depending on the symptoms and the person, sometimes one treatment can be enough. Usually multiple sessions are required to get optimum results. Four to six sessions are sufficient on average.

Do you need peace and inspiration?


Meditation has already a positive effect on your health and happiness if you practice a few minutes a day. When you meditate you relax and relieve stress. It helps to get to know your self better. You get closer to your true nature. Meditation can be a spiritual experience.

Meditation also has a large number of health benefits. It enhances your immune system. Meditation actually lowers the concentration of stress hormones in your body. Your blood pressure decreases
and your body calms down and recovers. When you can control stress, your body becomes healthier.

Various studies have shown that people who meditate visit the doctor much less than those who don’t meditate.

Healing Meditatie
Group Meditation

Meditation has many benefits but when you need it the most, it’s sometimes difficult to be disciplined enough to take the time you need. In that case group meditation may be a good way to practice. To meditate together promotes and deepens the experience. Afterwards you will feel better and more energetic. Our guided meditation and visualization evenings are open to everybody. During the guided meditation my voice will guide you in a gentle way like on a journey from which you return lighter and relaxed.

To your brain it doesn’t matter whether you see something in real life or just imagine it, did you know that? This means your brain experiences a visualized image the same way as an image you actually see with your eyes. Your body and emotions respond to that image. In a guided meditation I use this data to optimize relaxation and make you feel energized.

A group meditation is organized every three weeks. This may be at Bloom in The Hague, but if the weather is good it is also possible on the beach, in the dunes or in the woods. It is also possible at a venue of your choice.

Personal Styling

Personal Styling

Your emotional world and your looks are connected to each other. When you feel good this is visible in your appearance immediately. Inner and outer worlds influence each other. The right clothes, styling, accessories and hairstyle affect your confidence, your self-awareness and also the way others respond to you. In that sense it is certainly not superficial to give some attention to your appearance.

Have you found your own style?

Does your old style still suit you?

Are you entering a new phase in your life?

Elements of Life can also help you find new directions with your appearance. We can advise or actually get you starting to change. By looking through your existing wardrobe for example. Which items bring out the best in you, which colours, which combinations?

Personal shopping is also possible. Together we visit stores that suit your personal style and budget. We choose the right items to make you shine.


Elements of Life begins every healing or meditation with grounding. The effect of the session is thereby enhanced and it is easier to maintain the positive outcome. Feeling the earth beneath your feet promotes the positive effect. The healing effect of nature, fresh air and exercise has long been proven. Especially with symptoms like depression and fatigue. Walk & Talk is an energetic, therapeutic healing session in nature. Walking for an hour, talking, and being quietly together in the outdoors. Adjusted to your individual needs.



€ 95,-


60 minutes


€ 125,-


90 minutes


€ 55,-


60 minutes

For companies

For companies it is depending on the number of employees, the duration and the desired program. The program will be determined in consultation, specially tailored for the specific business.

Group meditation

Approximately once every three weeks we organize group meditation. More information – also about upcoming events – can be found on facebook. Everyone is welcome. Please let us know if you will attend.

Prices include 21% VAT . You can change or cancel your appointment up to 24 hours before the agreed date. Unfortunately we need to charge € 50,- if the appointment isn’t cancelled or not cancelled in time. This is due to the time we reserved for you.