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The missing link between mainstream and alternative medicine has always interested me. Yet there are still many misconceptions. One does not replace the other, but they can complement each other. Cooperating with each other often gives the best results – synergy. After years of creative and management positions in business – fashion, television, food supplements, expat relocations – my personal motive was clear: to make people feel better. To me it is important to connect, share, communicate, learn, discover and enjoy.

After high school, the Academy of Arts and Media Academy, I followed the three-year program to become a healer at the CICO in Utrecht. In addition, the training Journey Therapist at Brandon Bays, and the training Family and Organizational Constellations – Systemic work at the Kern Company. For years I have followed the workshops of Ike West, based on Native American (Indian) knowledge and ceremonies. In addition to these programs, I did a number of related workshops, such as Byron Katie and Davidji.
In 2017 I successfully completed college with a degree in relevant knowledge of basic medicine: Medische Basis Kennis (HBO).

Since 2007 I have my own practice as energetic therapist.

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